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Animal free

How are the Netherlands becoming frontrunner in animal free research?

Developing the first transition strategy

Back in 2014 Mister Lion organized the initial round table discussions that led to the Dutch Transition Programme for Innovation without the use of animals (TPI). Read more ....

Mister Lion was asked by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture to help set up the transition strategy which forms the basis of the current programme.

‘Animal-free innovation becomes easier if you choose to do it together: with patients, doctors, researchers, financiers, health professionals and policy makers. That is what happens during a helpathon’

Upcoming: pioneer 2 policymaker international conference

Mister Lion hopes to have created precisely the circumstances attending practitioners need to explore innovative practices and policies that can improve human health and safety whilst making animal testing redundant! The Pioneer-2-Policymaker Conference 27-29 Nov. is fully booked but Mister Lion will make a mini-documentary and a book of ideas available after the conference.

Through the help of a Helpathon

Mister Lion led the first temporary renewal network on Innovative Health Research and in the Helpathon. A helpathon is an innovation protocol taking 2 days during which an interdisciplinary team looks for ways in which a research question which initially was to be answered using animal testing, could also be answered animal-free.

‘Thanks to this Helpathon we have gained new insights about existing in vitro / cell culture systems that we can to test our therapies. These models can give results that may be more relevant to humans than results obtained from laboratory animals.’