Mister Lion is a social enterprise

Mister Lion is based in Ghent and Amsterdam, we have intervened in a wide range of societal transitions in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and various other EU countries. We have 15 years of experience in organizing coincidence. We enter into an open dialogue with people in an area, a sector or an organization. We immerse ourselves in each complex social system. Together with our stakeholders we explore new ways of doing, thinking and organizing - and try them out right away.

The way we work

Our clients see the urgency and the potential, our innovation networks explore the possibilities and we listen and look for openings. We follow the energy and discover new organizing ideas. We help our clients innovate and become more effective in accomplishing their societal mission. We ask for space and freedom to look afresh and find suitable ways to achieve results.

Price winning Helpathons
Mister Lion helps to find answers and solutions for complex issues. The Helpathon is an action-oriented rapid prototyping working method derived from hackathons, but during a Helpathon an urgent, specific and open question for help is central. A Helpathon is based on taking ownership and being willing to act upon it. And the most important person in a Helpathon is the person asking for help.
Read our factsheet about Helpathons
Working online offers new possibilities
Over the past year, we have been experimenting with several online meeting setups. Online offers unprecedented possibilities, however nobody wants to stare at a screen full with talking heads for more than 45 minutes. With the right technical resources and adapted working methods and processes, we succeed in making our meetings as lively for online participants as for participants who are present in real life.
Read our factsheet about hybrid venues
Are you a streetmaker?
Nowadays cities worldwide face many social and environmental challenges. Living Streets are a catalyst for social innovation at neighborhood level and in the city. Mister Lion wants to help every streetmaker across the world to set up their Living Street and become a Living Street City!

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Please find below a selection of English and French references and publications. For more publications please look here.

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Call to action for frontrunners. Published book laying out radical participatory methods for local sustainable innovation (Book summary - ENG, Book summary - FR).