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Refugee Company

Migration will not stop. What does it take to start a new life?

Fighting against the waste of human potential

Since 2000, Fleur Bakker is developing both beautiful and effective integration concepts with asylum seekers. For example, the Papas & Mamas project, in which Dutch families were linked to asylum seeker families, and the project Meeting Point that let young refugees give advice to senior civil servants. And right now we have the Refugee Company, where people show their talents, build up their portfolios and enlarge their networks.

Talk with and not about people

Fleur and her team are committed to keep listening to newcomers and pioneers, with new practices meeting their real needs.

Mister Khaled

Mister Khaled makes the finest custom tailored tuxedos. He was one of the 20 tailors responding to the Refugee Company’s call for a collaborative tailor project. Mister Khaled has been making tuxedos all his life. As soon as he sat down at the sewing machine, worries seemed to disappear as he was totally submerged into his skill.