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Can we look at biodiversity differently?

Do you have a practice in biodiversity regeneration or do you want to transform your practice and contribute towards biodiversity regeneration? And do you have a question for help? Let us know, our network might be able to help you take your practice further.

Join our Helpathon

On the 13th and 14th of January 2022, Mister Lion is organising a Helpathon day. Our award winning Helpathon practice has proven to be transformative for both the participants calling for help as for the participants joining to help. A Helpathon is an action-oriented rapid prototyping working method derived from hackathons.
Download our Helpathon factsheet

Send us your question and we will get in touch with you.

Once we have clarified your question together, we will share it with our extended network and see who wants to help and we will keep you informed about the specific emerging help questions on this webpage.

There is no sustainable development without nature regeneration

Over the years Mister Lion has intervened over a great diversity of fields varying from energy, urban development, regional development, livingstreets, housing, infrastructure, mobility, old age care, climate adaptation and mitigation, refugee shelter, agriculture, medical research, finance, youth employment to education. Our network is primary based in the Netherlands, Belgium and extends to France and other European countries. We are organising this Helpathon to help you because we urgently want to learn with you how to include biodiversity regeneration in our interventions.

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